Of Vital Interest to Web Strategists, which includes SEOs

"Web Prescience is about seeing and knowing and understanding what is changing, so we can plan for the now and what is coming next." from October 2013

Why is Google so emphatic about me having a mobile website?

"If you aren't asking yourself this, but instead are dutifully making your site responsive or enabling mobile content delivery technologies, I suspect you are misunderstanding the basics of search engine optimization..." from April 2015

Not All SEO is Dead

"More than half of the so-called SEO people out there are not really SEOs. They are writers, content producers, researchers, public relations specialists (specializing in things like outreach or promotion), auditors, and analysts...If you aren't willing to self-identify as what you really are, and are good at, the declining acceptance of general-purpose SEO will put you out of business..." from August 2015

Don't Rat out SEO Sites

"Now that we know for sure Google wants SEOs to suffer and wants all the cash for itself, we should be MORE careful to not follow the bait into their traps. Pay attention, yes. Discuss the SEO, yes. But whine about the tactics and point out the details and try and make the top ranking sites look bad? No. Karma, baby. It'll come back to you." from May 2014


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